Thank you for visiting my teaching portfolio. As you explore the different pages, you’ll see examples of how I implement my beliefs about teaching and learning in the classroom.

My Teaching Philosophy

  • I believe that we learn best by doing. I structure lessons forĀ children to actively engage in authentic work on a daily basis.
  • I believe that nurturing curiosity inspires life-long learners. I encourage children to ask questions and look for answers.
  • I believe that students are more engaged when they take responsibility for their own learning. I guide children to make thoughtful choices about their work and challenge themselves.
  • I believe that teaching through inquiry promotes deeper thinking. I challenge children to grapple with guiding questions and big ideas.
  • I believe in instilling a growth-mindset in all children. I support children in reflecting on the ways that they have grown and sharing how they made that growth.
  • I believe that accurately understanding one’s own strengths and weaknesses is essential for growth. I teach children to self-assess their progress toward learning targets and provide evidence to support their self-assessment.
  • I believe in assessment for learning. I confer with children about their work, provide descriptive feedback, and encourage them to share their learning with each other.
  • I believe in the power of communities and collaboration. I build a classroom community in which children work together, communicate their ideas and feelings, and support each other.
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